Festival Trad Boréal

Festival Trad Boréal

Festival Trad Boréal – English

2 – 3 – 4   february   2024
 Le Bar-sur-Loup   –    France

Dance and Music, from north to south
Scandinavian music course: nyckelharpa and ensemble music from our regions

Initiation and improvement course in Scandinavian dances, Polska

Swedish and local gastronomy

Grand Ball – Balèti

Story and show

The meeting of the North and the South of Europe, the cozy and the shimmering, the hushed and the singing. All the richness of cultural variations to festively express meeting, sharing, joy. Art is the support. the music is alive, through the interactions of the musicians and dancers, expressing the whole range of emotions. And we work on it, through our internships.

The whole thing is also around the meal. Smørrebrød. Quite a trip already! Its colors light up our eyes, its diversity maddens us, and the dance steps become faster and the music sometimes thrills. The smoke of Gravadlax attracts us to the table. the salmon wriggles happily, jumping from dish to dish before nestling in a foil. The cranberry jam bursts out with a gentle simmer, plop, plop, on succulent meatballs. The warmth gathers around the table. The apple cake emerges from a cloud of cinnamon, but some will prefer to surrender to the mysterious Kanelbullar. It’s not a hoax, you might say, with your mouth full of flavors…

… but here comes a tale and a spectacle, to transport us first to Provence then to Scandinavia.